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Maurtia Falls № 009
❝ Hello! Please leave me a message at the beep. If you are calling for my services leave your name and I will reply as soon as I am able to. ❞
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As a nagini, Hemali has the power to compel people to do her bidding by getting them to look into her eyes. Because this power requires physical interaction, it is ineffective via video, audio or text options. This power also only works on those who may not have a strong enough will to ignore the compulsion. The compulsion lasts for 24 hours, therefore if she needs to use someone for longer she will have to compel them face-to-face again. While her voice does not hold the same power, it can momentarily grab someone's attention, but she requires them to actually look at her. Likewise with her voice, it doesn't extend over audio or video.

If you are comfortable with Hemali using this power on your character, please let me know by filling out the form below.

CHARACTER NAME: Their name, obviously.
TO WHAT EXTENT? If they were compelled to commit a crime, would that be okay? Minor or major? What about hurting themselves? Or something ridiculous like getting a really bad haircut? Anything you're comfortable or uncomfortable with happening to your character.
CAN SHE DO IT AGAIN? This will largely depend on CR and future plotting, but if she thinks your character is valuable she may be interested in abusing this power on them again.

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until i get all the proper pages done

    • (South) Indian / dark brown skin (i'll get better icons sob)
    • Dark brown almost black hair. Thick and long, goes to her waist. / Dark brown eyes.
    • 5'7" / lean build (ref 1 & 2)
    • Despite being from the south, her accent is kind of muddled when she speaks in either English or Konkani, Kannada/Karanese, or Hindi.
    • Has what appears to be some kind of tattoo on the back of her neck. SNAKES CW. (ref)

    • Confident and outgoing, but also egotistical.
    • Can appear she's not taking someone seriously in conversation, like she might suddenly laugh or isn't paying close attention at times.
    • However, when her attention is drawn she gives it her all.
    • Is a snake so don't trust her too much.
    • Would save her skin before everyone else's unless she cares a lot about the person, but so far nobody fits that bill.
    • Likes to abuse her abilities when she can.

    • Is a nagin/snake woman. Can produce fangs and a snake tongue from her mouth (ref) or change her lower body into a snake's. Also can turn into either a really tiny Indian king cobra or a really big one that stands at twenty feet.
    • Heightened senses, enhanced durability, can release venom and can talk to snakes.
    • Can compel others to do her bidding for 24 hours. Must be done in person!


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how's my driving?
ip logging off. anonymous enabled.
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NAME: Nita
AGE: 26
JOURNAL: [personal profile] erewhile
PLURK: [ profile] kitties
RETURNING: Karen Starr ( [personal profile] boobwindow ) / Sasha Blouse ( [personal profile] huntergames )

CHRONOLOGY: After raising suspicion with an ex-officer and on her way out of the city.
CLASS: Villain-ish
HOUSING: Randomize me! I only request not De Chima as I have a character there.

    Hemali's world is identical to our world with one differing, but mostly unknown fact: supernatural creatures do exist outside myths and people's imaginations. These beings know how to blend in with society as to not attract attention, though all those stories one has heard about things that go bump in the night? Well, they all originated from somewhere, whether or not people believe it.

    Hemali was born in 1949 in what was once known as the Mysore State (now known as Karnataka) in south western India. Most early memories escape Hemali, as for the first few years her mother, Usha, and her were often moving from place to place. Her father had passed some months before Hemali was born and according to Usha he had been killed by hunters (a rather unusual end, Hemali thought), something her mother had never forgiven. The two spent most of their time together, Usha doing everything she could to keep her young daughter clothed and fed, but a single mother in a country that suddenly saw rapid and, at times, difficult changes made for trying times for the both. They never lingered for long anywhere in villages or towns, only sleeping in barns or in nearby forests and caves.

    Hemali didn't quite understand why they chose not to live in the villages and make a life there, but questioning her mother proved difficult and her inquiries were almost always shot down. It was at the age of six, when Usha was off gathering food for them and had left Hemali in a barn in a village, demanding she stay put until she was back that Hemali realized why her mother was so bent on hiding their existence from the others. Being a curious, but exceedingly lonely young girl as she spent all her time either alone or with Usha, Hemali snuck out of the barn to play with some children nearby. The boys, not recognizing her as a local, decided to pester her as young children are wont to do. When their teasing had gone too far, resulting in a rock being thrown at Hemali and injuring her eye, animal-like instinct awoke within her. She angrily retaliated and bit one of the boys to scare him off, but he suddenly collapsed and suffocated not too long after much to everyone's horror and confusion. When the boys looked upon Hemali, she suddenly had fangs and her eyes were an unnatural yellow — she looked like a monster. The commotion caused nearby adults to come and see what was going on, and when discovering the body of one of their boys and being told Hemali was responsible, some panicked and chased after her. Hemali managed to escape into the forest in a blind panic, getting lost in the process. It took Usha a whole day to find her, having found out about the dead boy from the village and she and Hemali fled as far as they could.

    It was then the young girl discovered what she and her mother truly were: nagin, serpentine creatures of myth. Her father, too, had been one, but his death had left Usha bitter towards humans and she instilled the ideas that many humans were ungrateful, dangerous, and disrespectful toward their environment. Do not trust humans, Hemali was told and she promised to obey her mother. However, being young and curious about these newfound abilities that made her feel both strange yet unique, she felt the need to hone these skills and experimented on humans around her. When Usha was away, Hemali would approach strangers on the road or lure children away from villages to practice her abilities on. In nagin form she frightened people into giving up their goods, money or food often, or sometimes as they believed her able to bless them, they would offer her food in return for that. While she bettered her skills in time, she still left bodies behind — mostly on accident. In some cases she poisoned young men or children, sparking fear and distrust in some locals who thought it was best to run Hemali out of their home before she could take away another child. In some cases, this resulted in getting beaten by angry men or grieving mothers. In addition, Partition in India which saw rape, genocide and other forms of violence only compounded Usha's ideas that humans were dangerous creatures and that Hemali was a superior being in comparison.

    Several years had passed before Hemali learned grief; she found Usha's body in the forest one day after being separated from her for too long. It looked as if some hunters had killed her in snake form, presumably concerned she was poisonous. Alone now, Hemali had to learn to fend for herself, which fortunately she took to well enough, using her abilities to harass and plain terrorize religious villagers into providing her with food and shelter in exchange for her "blessing". She took what she could from people and left them with little and as the years passed, she moved into the cities. By then, Partition had eventually come to an end.

    The cities had a much more alluring appeal to Hemali, so making a home for herself there was the next step. She wormed her way into the life of the son of a wealthy businessman's home, feigning interest in him. He spoiled her and she was content to milk him for his money and expensive lifestyle, but once she found out he was to be married to someone, therefore making her the other woman, she killed him in disgust. This only led to more trouble, as when his bride to be came looking for him and got suspicious about Hemali, Hemali poisoned her to make it look like she had committed suicide in her grief. Now with two deaths under the same roof and the same woman in the middle of it, police questioned Hemali's involvement with high suspicion but in the end were unable to come up with nothing to pin her as the culprit. One particular officer, however, remained convinced it was Hemali's doing somehow up until late retirement nearly three decades later. By then Hemali had coasted from city to city, living her life as she pleased and taking what she wanted or needed, doing her best to avoid familiar faces as she appeared to not have aged herself.

    Unfortunately for her, a chance encounter with the retired officer one day at a busy intersection drew shock and suspicion as he recognized Hemali from the investigations years ago. Realizing the trouble this might spell for her, Hemali decided it was best to leave the city once more, unaware the retired officer had gone on tangents about the mysterious woman from Karnataka who had not aged a day since he first saw her to his fellow officers. While no one at the station believed him, his daughter who had followed in his footsteps (much to his dismay) has taken it upon herself to prove her father wasn't growing senile with age and find Hemali... and maybe the person behind the murders of the son and his fiancee all those years ago.

    This will be when Hemali is ported into the world of MOM, as she's heading out of the city to lay low for some time.

    Having learned at an early age she was different from everyone else, Hemali's always carried an air of superiority on her. It manifests itself in how she presents herself to others, from boldly overstepping personal boundaries down to the inflection in her voice. There's often a hint of amusement and cockiness in her demeanor; it's reflected in the way she talks, like she might laugh at someone rather than with them, or the look in her eyes as if to say she may not be taking them too seriously. Because of her inhuman abilities and Usha's insistence that humans were beneath them, along with growing up during a violent period in the country, Hemali believes she harnesses much more self-composure and poise in comparison to most — if not all — humans. She's seen them at practically their lowest, instigating petty squabbles with an inability to control themselves and using the name of religion and God in vain to kill others who didn't fit their ideals.

    Hemali is a hypocrite, of course. Although she may not be picking fights at every opportunity, she's poked sleeping bears (in the figurative sense) just to see what would happen and to see if she could simply get away with it. Hemali's spent many years manipulating and terrorizing innocent people into giving her what she wants, which started out of morbid curiosity until she quickly developed a taste for it. She enjoys the pleasure and security that comes with power and being able to exert it on people whenever she pleases. She has also been dependent on it far too long to get where she is; being cut off from it or threatened by something more powerful than her frightens her down to her core, whether she admits it or not. That sense of control is what she clings to tightly underneath her confidence and without it she panics and gets desperate to obtain control again. If she feels she's in danger she flees, much to her own dismay and bruised ego.

    As long as she feels she is in control, Hemali is brimming with confidence and generally an outgoing individual — a social butterfly when she wants to be. Her mother claimed they were superior beings, but thought it best for them to stay away from others and live in secrecy, a life Hemali can't indulge. She loves being lavished and fawned over, whether it's from people she's interested in or not. It isn't unusual though for her to turn down attention if she's in need of keeping a low profile for whatever reason, such as any unsavory acts she's committed. In that case, she might play coy or act innocent, some of it hinging on a few factors, such as whether she dislikes someone enough to want to toy with them or she simply wants to play a game to see what she can get away with.

    Hemali, however, does genuinely enjoy the company of others even when they aren't bolstering her ego. It's a definite plus, but she's lived long enough to see inherent selfishness in others and understand people don't throw themselves at the feet of others that easily. While she thinks lowly of humans in particular, she doesn't go out of her way to avoid them. Still as curious as she was as a young girl, she is drawn to all kinds of personalities and lives she wishes to understand at times, whether for her own gain or simple thirst for knowledge. Having spent so much time secluded and migrating from place to place, Hemali has felt loneliness and has been bitter, but it isn't impossible for her to develop genuine relationships, whether it's out of fondness for the person or someone who's earned her loyalty. In spite of snake-like tendencies, she can be a loyal friend or ally... but mostly if there is something she can receive in return for it. Still, she rarely puts the safety of others before herself and is oftentimes ready to save her own skin, even if it means damaging genuine friendships she's forged with others. She doesn't easily feel guilt about such matters either, though this can be attributed to the fact she's been alone for decades and never had someone willing to watch her back. There is still much for her to learn about people having lived with something of a "us vs. them" mentality and an occasional dismissal and ignorance that people can change over time.

    And despite enjoying being spoiled, Hemali has always thought of herself as independent and capable on her own and does not like when this is undermined. She dislikes being talked down to or infantilized, has a strong distaste for being disrespected and if her buttons are pushed her she utilizes violence of threats of it to put an end to it. Though she doesn't have a hair-trigger temper, she is vindictive enough to hurt someone for insulting her or targeting people they care about to send a message. She can hold grudges for long periods all the while acting sweet to someone's face, hiding her fangs until she's ready to strike. However, Hemali's patience can thin quickly, too, and depending on how riled up she is and the severity of what was done to her, she can lose all composure and lash out without thinking of the consequences.

    But those moments where she loses complete control and sinks into a blind rage are few and between as Hemali does care to a degree about the image she presents. She wants to be seen as someone assertive, but with enough self-composure to be idealized and anything that conveys weakness greatly embarrasses her. She doesn't enjoy having to examine her own flaws so when forced to confront them she shifts blame onto another party, rarely accepting fault. She doesn't expect others to understand completely, but she isn't entirely incapable of learning to slowly grow past her own ignorance.

    ❚❚❚ NAGINI — Hemali is a nagini, a supernatural creature capable of taking on a serpentine or human form. Though not immortal, they can live on for a few healthy hundred years if they are not killed or severely injured in some manner. They age much more slowly than humans, boasting a youthful appearance at even a century or two old. As a nagini, Hemali has various powers accessible to her in whatever form she takes.
      ❚❚ SHAPE-SHIFTING — Hemali can take on the forms of either a human or snake, or transform specific features of her body into a serpentine one, such as lengthening her teeth into fangs or changing her eyes. She can transform the lower half of her body and parts of her visage (teeth/eyes again) into her original snake form, about fifteen feet in length. She can also completely transform into a massive (CW for snakes) Indian king cobra, standing at twenty feet or take on a small enough form that she can hide up someone's sleeve. She can only take on the form or features of a king cobra, no other snake or animal.

      ❚❚ HEIGHTENED SENSES — Like a king cobra, Hemali's sense of sight and smell are much stronger than the average human's. She can detect movement as far as 100 meters away if she's focused, and is capable of seeing well enough in the dark. She is also slightly more sensitive to vibrations in the earth in human form, but more-so in snake form.

      ❚❚ POISON — Hemali can release venom from her fangs in either form, enough to either paralyze or kill depending on how much she produces.

      ❚❚ ENHANCED STRENGTH/DURABILITY — Being a supernatural creature, Hemali is a little tougher to hit than the average person — but only a little. While she can lift a grown man off his feet with her bare hands, she can't lift a car for example over her head (only a couple of feet with both hands and even then not for long) and hitting her will still hurt if the blow is hard one. She can still be stabbed, burned or shot and depending on the injury it can be fatal.

      ❚❚ MEMORY — If she is killed, the reflection/image of her killer will remain in her eyes for another to see.

      ❚❚ SNAKE COMMUNICATION — She can communicate with all snakes and even get them to do as she asks. Naturally, the snakes can only do things within their limited means.

    ❚❚❚ COMPULSION — By getting someone to look into her eyes, Hemali can compel them to do her bidding. This must be done face-to-face and only works on those who may not have a strong enough will to ignore the compulsion. It does not last for more than a day and if she needs them to fulfill a task extending past that she will have to compel them face-to-face again. Her voice does not hold the same power, so she needs them to either be completely weak-willed or to look her directly in her eyes. Likewise with her voice, this doesn't extend over video/audio/text options.


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